21-Day Uke Strum Mastery


Ready to stop struggling with your ukulele strumming?

Here's the simplest, funnest way to get better fast.

How about a simple SYSTEM to instantly improve your uke strumming technique

(without memorizing strum patterns)?

Imagine the feeling of knowing you can play ANY song, ANY style, ANY genre, ANY era.

Without worrying about "strum patterns."

What if you could just KNOW it, and just PLAY it?

Lots of uke players learn the very basics of strumming and never move beyond. 

But all you need is to stop memorizing and start UNDERSTANDING!

I’ve just re-released my most popular ukulele learning program, the Ukulele Strum Mastery course. (Sounds impressive, don’t it?). 

It’s an online training program of quick, short, fun videos where you’ll learn my clear and simple system for truly mastering ukulele strumming. 

  • Do you ever ask, "What's the strum pattern for this song?"
  • Do your eyes glaze over when you see a strum pattern like DDUUDUDU U U U DU ?  (They should...)
  • Do you ever just not play songs because you don't "know the strum pattern"?
  • Do you struggle keeping your strumming smooth, steady, and consistent?
  • What about strumming and singing (at the same time)
  • Or, changing chords smoothly while keeping the strum going?

With a solid system in place, you can face down any song, any strum, and have it crying for mercy.

Now when I say "system," I mean it!

The system is two core concepts (plus lots of bonuses!): 

“The Vital Element,” which is my SYSTEM to help you understand the underlying logic of ALL strum patterns—so you’ll never have to memorize again. 

“Say It and Play It,” teaches you to recognize sounds from songs (from radio, records, bands—not just ukulele!), and translate those sounds into the perfect, correct strum on you uke.

Using the combined system, you will KNOW how to strum any song, any style--without having to look anything up. You can just PLAY IT!

Why a course specifically on ukulele strumming?

Isn't that oddly specific? Well, I’ve been teaching people to play ukulele, online and off for years, and I know the questions I get are 99% about strumming!

Here's a quick video from the course that tells why:

"How much, mister? And what am I getting?"

Uke Strum Mastery, the full course, is available for $97 -- less the price of a single in-person lesson with me!

You can also choose to book a "check-up call" with me for personal guidance for $$49 (usually $125).

Just wanted you to know that your lessons are going into instant usage. These lessons are so good. Well done. Clear. And you are so personable, which makes it pleasant to listen to. I am delighted.

--Dianne, online course taker

The course is all video, all online. 

Which means you can access it anytime, at the time that suits you best, and go through at your own rate.

  • Section 1 teaches you my core philosophy about uke strumming. You'll learn the "Vital Element" and "Say It & Play It," the twin engines that power this simple method. Understand these and you'll be able to instantly play any strum pattern, any strum style, for any song that want to play.


  • Section 2 is a complete walk-through of a baker's dozen strum patterns -- yes, the very ones I say you don't need! But once you see them analyzed, you'll understand and know what pre-built patterns exist, and you can apply them to your own free-form Module-1 style strums. You're basically conquering the strumming problem from both ends, combining depth of of knowledge with wisdom.


  • Section 3 is packed with extra tidbits that can have a huge impact on your strumming. Think Like a Drummer helps you add variety to your strumming, while other videos cover strumming and singing, smoothing out chord transitions and several other important concepts that will simplify your strumming.
    • Left-hand Muting is also covered in Module 3. This technique alone multiplies the numbers of strums you can do by the power of eight (the number of beats where you can apply the mute).  
    • Specific Strum Styles are covered here, too. You'll learn the Beach Boys Boogie, Formby Split-Stroke (that wild, fast, 1930s sound), as well as an introduction to Clawhammer strumming, for that "O, Brother, Where Art Thy Ukulele" sound.


  • Bonus Section 4 is all about the songs, 'bout the songs, 'bout the songs. -- We walk through 15 songs in a multitude of styles, break them apart to analyze the strumming. This analysis helps you understand what makes the song "sound like the song," and how you can get that sound yourself.

This is years of strumming knowledge wrapped into the tightest package possible --

-- so you can instantly improve your playing and get more enjoyment out from the songs you love.

You can make strumming your super-power!

As soon you make your purchase, you'll have full access to Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4--the entire program! 

We'll keep in touch via email to make sure you're getting all your questions answered and mastering your new uke skills.

d was so strong and clear and vigorous that it surprised me into momentary silence.

Danno, I love this, thank you! I am progressing slowly through the first unit, due to lots of other duties and pleasures, but what a joy this is, to begin to feel a bit more confident--thank you for this, too. I tried one of the strums you taught, in my recent uke group meeting, and the soun

Wendy, online course-taker

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

I should say so!

I'm only happy if you're happy.

We are fellow uke-lovers and have a duty to be kind.

If you're not satisfied for any reason, just drop me a note to ask for a full refund. We'll part friends.

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Strumming Essentials -- START HERE

5 Lessons

View Teaser Module
MOST IMPORTANT: The Vital Element

3 Lessons

Say It and Play It

4 Lessons

A Humerous Interlude

1 Lessons

How to Practice

1 Lessons

Looking Ahead

1 Lessons

Strum Patterns -- Really???

13 Lessons

BONUS - Basic Strum Hacks

5 Lessons

BONUS: Mind Games

4 Lessons

40,320 New Strums! (Muting)

10 Lessons

BONUS: New, Fun Strums

5 Lessons

Songs (the fun part!)

14 Lessons

BONUS: Technique Cheats

4 Lessons