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(Though we've got nonsense, too, if that's what you like.)

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Why Uke?

3 Lessons

People have a lot of reasons for playing the uke -- many which don't even include the uke...

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4 Lessons

Why so serious?

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Tell Me About YOU (you ukulele lover, you ?)

1 Lessons

Getting Around Here

5 Lessons

FIRST STEP: Let me show you around the Free Library!

Most Requested Uke How-Tooze

4 Lessons

All the lessons are direct answers to uke questions from learners like you.

  • The Slider -- a nifty little chord trick
  • Simplifying Those Finger-Cramping BARRE CHORDS
  • FREE VIDEO - B Minor, the Uke's 2nd Most-Hated Chord

And more coming soon ?

Uke Tuning Tune-up

5 Lessons

Here are a handful of SLIGHTLY ODD ways to get that uke in tune, under any circumstances (even a dead battery).

I especially love video 4, full of tricks you probably haven't seen anywhere else!