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Irish Ukulele Songs for St. Patrick’s Day – free download

Let me ask you a question: are you Irish?

Most people in the world aren't.

But when St. Patrick's Day rolls around, everyone and his brother suddenly starts speakin' the brogue, wearin' the green, and kissin' the blarney.

It's funny in society today, how we can make fun of some people's accents, stereotypes, and traditions, and others…mmm, not so much.

(And lest you think that's because the Irish have always been “on top,” you'd better check your Irish history!)

What's all this got to do with ukulele playing anyway?

Well, I have a little gift for you, in honor of the day: my free download-a-day of Irish ukulele songs for St. Patrick's Day.

Now, none of these songs are TRUE Irish songs. They're kind of the 1940s idealized vision of Irish Songs.

And, you know, as an idealized version of an Irish person myself (by descent anyway), I think that's rather sweet.

There's a time and a place (even in songs) for harsh reality.

And a time and a place for loveliness.

It's St. Patrick's Day.

For one day, sure, let's stereotype a group most of us don't belong to.

Let's talk about corned beef, green beer, and leprechauns.

But also, let's tune up the ukes, and play a few of these sweet songs about rolling hills, sweethearts, and Mother.

Those may be stereotypes, too, but, like I said, for one day anyway, rather lovely.


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