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Free Library for Ukulele Lovers

Invaluable, free ukulele how-to-torials; sheet music and tab downloads, and more.

Always Changing • Ever-Growing • Often Fun • Never Dull

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FREE - Uke Strums Cheatsheet

8 essential strum patterns that you can apply to a huge variety of song styles, all shown on one handy how-to chart.

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Uke Strums Cheatsheet - VIDEO ADDENDUM

All the patterns from the Cheatsheet, demonstrated on video so you can vastly speed up your learning curve by HEARING and SEEING how they're meant to go.

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(Almost) Instant Ukulele: 3x3x3

Get started playing uke in the fastest, funnest way possible!

  • 3 Crucial Chords, so you can play the songs you love
  • 3 Rock-Solid Strums, so you can make your songs sound great
  • 3 Actual Songs -- because that's the fun part

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21-Day Uke Strum Mastery

What's the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of ukulele playing?

I'll fight any person who says anything but "strumming"!

This deeeeeep dive into this crucial skill will get you thinking about your strum techniques in new ways so you'll never need to look up a strum pattern again, or awkwardly ask, "What's the strum for this song?" -- You'll JUST KNOW ?

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Defeat the E

Finally, get the uke's most hated chord into a half-nelson and wrestle it into complete submission.

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Fingerstyle Quickstart

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Who says your little uke has to always sound happy?

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Vintage Lessongs

The greatest ukulele songs of all time broken-down and explained so you can play them with all the tricks that make them sound great.

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Getting the Most Out of Songbook ChordPro Software

Get the most out of this amazing software!

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